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"One of the specialties of our law firm is representing parents of children with disabilities in education law cases.  In this practice area we find that parents often receive valuable assistance from non-lawyer advocates when dealing with school districts and negotiating the special education and section 504 processes.  Frequently our clients work with Buckley Hugo of Midcoast Advocacy to obtain these advocacy services.  Buckley is very knowledgeable about the subject matter, highly organized in his approach, a consummate professional in his dealings with clients and school representatives, and a tenacious advocate for kids with disabilities.  He provides his clients with critical insights and support that can help ensure that their children receive the appropriate education to which they are entitled by law."  – Dick O’Meara, Murray, Plumb & Murray, Portland, ME


"Buckley Hugo is a hero.  When my daughter was identified as having an educational disability, a friend suggested that I hire an advocate.    Buckley was the first and only name on her list.  Buckley has been a powerful presence in our journey through the Special Education system.   He has attended every school meeting and has always been readily available to answer questions and allay concerns.   He has stood by our side and guided us through the difficult to understand and often contentious process of the IEP.  I knew that with Buckley at our side (and on our side) my daughter would get the services she needed to receive an appropriate education.  Thank you, Buckley." - Parent from RSU 21 (Kennebunk)


"In navigating special services and an IEP for our son, we’ve been continually surprised by how much we don’t know — reports we didn’t know we could ask for, letters of concern we didn’t know we could file — and despite all our own research, I’m convinced we wouldn’t have known about them without Buckley’s help.  As a result, our son is on a much different path — a stronger educational track, receiving services to thrive and succeed — than he would have had been on if Buckley hadn’t been at the (literal) table.  No one wants to go through this process; it’s not a situation any parent holding their newborn ever envisions themselves being in someday, and the stress can be enormous. Buckley has been patient, prompt, knowledgeable and invaluable, and he’s made a challenging situation bearable.  Despite being firmly in our corner, I also feel like he’s been a bridge in dealing with school officials. What could so easily be an adversarial relationship has turned into a respectful, even friendly, one.  We did a lot of research before hiring him, and it’s not a small expense, but there is no question it’s been worth it and our son’s life is better for it.– Litchfield parents


"Buckley Hugo’s collaborative and informed approach to advocacy has proven successful in securing the services and support our son needs to succeed  in the public school setting.   Buckley understands the political, emotional and legal aspects of the Special Education process and helps families craft the best IEP’s for their children.  Buckley came to work with us at a time when we questioned the quality of our son’s IEP  goals and his program in general.   With his unique experience as a  negotiator and  understanding of the IDEA law,  Buckley was able to make recommendations and advocate for  appropriate services for our son  in PET  meetings and in  written communications with our school.  I have found the entire experience working with Buckley Hugo to be educational and beneficial in so many ways.  I plan to continue working with Midcoast Advocacy for the duration of our Special Education program years."   -  Cape Elizabeth Parent


"I always prided myself in the fact that I was the best advocate for my child, and as a business woman that I could certainly handle everything that an IEP entails.  Yet, I still ran into conflict and walked away from IEP meetings most of the time feeling completely drained, asking myself 'what just happened'?  After battling with the school for two years and a sense I was getting nowhere, I called Buckley Hugo at Midcoast Advocacy.  He quickly jumped into the process and took over the issues that were causing a lot of stress on our family.  I also noticed that when I announced I hired Buckley, school staff started listening and responding. My husband and I knew immediately that he believed in the integrity of our case and would serve our daughter’s best interests.  Buckley is extremely knowledgeable in the laws regarding special needs children. He is supportive, understanding and I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done. I highly recommend Buckley as an advocate and am confident that he will always be my first call for future IEP’s." - Brunswick Parent


"As a parent of a child with an emotional disability who was failing in public school, we did not know where to turn for help. That was before we met Buckley Hugo from Midcoast Advocacy and enlisted his services. Our child’s emotional disability adversely affected his educational performance. Through Buckley, we learned our child was entitled to special services at his high school that he was not receiving. Buckley helped us to know what type of services to ask for from our school in order for our child to learn.  Buckley has been a tireless advocate for our child, attending all the IEP and 504 meetings to ensure our teen is receiving the special services for him to succeed at a public school. It’s nice to have an advocate like Buckley who has only the best interest of our child when it comes to a free appropriate public education."  - Grateful Parents from the Boothbay Region

"Buckley Hugo is very professional and knowledgeable about Maine's Special Education Regulations and will advocate for your child in a fair manner.  He advocated for us at our triennial IEP meetings and if we had not had his assistance the school would have changed vital services for our daughter.  Thank you for the hard work you have done for us." - Yarmouth Parents

"After four years of struggling with our daughter's special education program, we found Buckley Hugo of Midcoast Advocacy.  He advocated for us with his experience with the special education laws.  He was professional and effective at the IEP meetings with recommendations for an appropriate plan for our daughter to be on track with her graduation.  We now feel confident at the IEP meetings and that our daughter is receiving the education she deserves."  - Bridgton Parents


"Your expertise was critical in resolving a serious dispute with our school district.  It will be great to enjoy the summer knowing that our son will be in good hands this Fall.  Thank you for your guidance!  You helped us more than you can imagine. We're planning on calling you for every IEP meeting in the future."  - Parents from RSU1 (Woolwich)


I wanted to share with you that my son graduated this year.   It is because of your support and guidance that he got placed in the appropriate school environments where they built up his self esteem and he for the first time felt successful. I can never thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do! - Parent from Windham